Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Needed: NGO to decorate Christmas trees

Some United States Christians consider government Christmas trees to be entitlements while government Holiday trees are characterized as a "war against Christmas". This hysterically mischaractized "war against Christmas" is nothing more than proper compliance with the principle of government religious neutrality. There is a simple remedy that could eliminate this yearly Christmas season conflict between the opponents and defenders of non-establishment. A non-profit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) could take over the task of displaying public Christmas trees from town governments across the United States.

This NGO would locate or erect appropriate evergreen trees on private land that it would arrange to have decorated each year. Because the trees would be on private land, and because there would be no government involvement, the trees could be decorated with religious objects and be identified as Christmas trees. Furthermore, the same NGO could also setup Christmas Nativity creches\mangers or any religiously themed Christmas decoration preferred by the local residents. One such tree and\or creche in Washington DC could serve as a national Christmas tree and\or national Christmas Nativity creche and similar trees and\or creches in the state capitals could function as the state Christmas tree and\or creche.

If Christians who complain about a "war on Christmas" are sincere, if they are not using government Holiday trees as a convenient ploy to try to undermine non-establishment, then they would donate money to establish such a NGO instead of propagating the cheap government Holiday trees are a "war on Christmas" nonsense.

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