Sunday, May 13, 2007

Is 'A Brief History of Belief' airing in your local area?

Many local public television stations have not yet committed to airing the first serious television exploration of the idea that god doesn't exist even though the program premiered May 4 and is available to public television stations everywhere through Executive Program Services. To find out if the show is being broadcast in your area, consult the 'A Brief History of Belief' broadcast calendar. If the show is not on the calendar, contact your local public television station and tell them you are disappointed that is not on the schedule.

Meanwhile, you can view 'A Brief History of Belief' video series on for free. Veoh also has the six in-depth interviews that are not included with the television broadcast. Also, feel free to contact the Senate Historical Office to recommend they that they view the video series and reconsider the ahistorical claims in their 'so help me God' video discussed in the previous post.

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